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Specialists in translation for more than 30 years, we deploy our wealth of linguistic expertise to translate all your documents.

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Linguists, professional experts, translators etc.

The professional translators at Your Word Store are graduates of some of the best academic institutions. They are specialised by field and translate only into their native language. Their experience enables them to work on highly technical projects.

In addition to that, Your Word Store applies the constraints relating to International Standard ISO 17100: 2015. Each translation is subject to essential checks: proofreading by the translator systematically followed by cross-checking by a second translator.

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With more than 30 years’ experience, Your Word Store translators have nurtured their linguistic expertise.

A partner to international groups and SMEs operating in a variety of fields, the Your Word Store translation agency has positioned itself as a specialist in the translation of documents, capable of responding to all your multilingual communication needs, whatever your business sector.

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Our translation specialists can work on any type of document/file format, and can act within a very short time frame.

An urgent translation? A presentation to finalise for tomorrow? Our teams of translators can adapt to match your constraints, and our project managers are there to support you and meet your needs in the best possible way.

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Glad to collaborate with Your Word Store! They are beyond any doubt the best agency whom I worked with!

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How much does a professional translation cost?

The prices charged for a professional translation like the ones we produce within our translation agency are affected by different factors: Source and target language The prime factor is actually the source language (the language in which your document is...

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Frédéric Garcia

Frédéric Garcia

4 March 2021

Tourism translation: adapt the content to your visitors

Language is a precious commodity, but it is not always easy faithfully to reproduce philosophy and feelings in a foreign language. However, it is by stirring emotions in your customers that you will hold their full attention and be able...

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Frédéric Garcia

Frédéric Garcia

5 March 2021

Adapting an advertising message to a target culture: what is transcreation?

Multilingual transcreation is a creative translation process that involves adapting an advertising message to a target culture while preserving its meaning, tone and impact. Unlike simple translation, multilingual transcreation involves a thorough understanding of the target culture and how it...

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Rachel Canton

11 April 2023

Translation services dedicated to the industry

Translation, particularly in the aeronautical industry, requires the skills of specialists. This ensures that the service is very precise and performed in a fully confidential way. The documents on which these experienced linguists work can take different forms, whether in...

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Frédéric Garcia

Frédéric Garcia

4 September 2023

Translation of technical documentation into Russian: the Airbus business case

Airbus Helicopters, the world’s leading helicopter manufacturer, currently has 12,000 aircraft operated by more than 3,000 customers in about 150 countries. Airbus Helicopters has a strong international presence with subsidiaries and affiliates in 24 countries and a worldwide network of...

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Vincent Devisme

Vincent Devisme

6 April 2021

Translation of Job Offers

With the increasing globalization and rise of new technologies, new opportunities are opening up for your company. If you need new talents, you can broaden your search internationally. That’s why we strongly recommend you to publish your job offers in...

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Eric Walter

16 August 2022

Translating SAP software documentation for reseller training

Translating SAP software documentation for reseller training is a crucial step in ensuring that training is understood and effective in different language contexts. Here’s a guide on how to ensure a high-quality translation: Selection of the translation team: Call on...

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Rachel Canton

28 September 2023

Understanding the differences between General Translation and Technical Translation

Translators are often seen as generalists, but in reality there are many areas of specialisation in translation. These include general translation and technical translation. This article explores the specific skills and knowledge required for these two types of translation. General...

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Vincent Devisme

Vincent Devisme

23 October 2023

The importance of glossaries in technical translation

Technical translation is a demanding field, requiring constant precision and rigour to ensure that the documents, processes or information concerned are fully understood. Professional translators rely on various tools to achieve this, and the technical glossary is a key element....

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Vincent Devisme

Vincent Devisme

26 October 2023

International recognition of sworn translations

In a globalised world where cultural and economic exchanges between countries are increasingly frequent, the need to give international validity to official documents such as diplomas, administrative acts or legal contracts is paramount. One of the main instruments for ensuring...

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Rachel Canton

8 November 2023

The most commonly translated company documents

When a company operates on an international scale, document translation becomes a key step in ensuring good communication and mutual understanding between the various stakeholders. Find out which documents are most often translated in a company, from legal to marketing...

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Rachel Canton

22 November 2023

The inescapable importance of sworn translations in the workplace

Globalisation has led companies to broaden their horizons, often beyond linguistic borders. In this context, the need for accurate and reliable communication is more important than ever. This is where sworn translation comes in: a crucial stage in guaranteeing the...

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Rachel Canton

6 December 2023