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Video subtitling

85% of videos are viewed without the sound.

Our experts can add subtitles to your videos or presentation in the language of your choice (more than 300 languages available).

Make your content accessible to a worldwide audience, using subtitles.

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What is video subtitling?

Subtitling is a process whereby the spoken information in a video is adapted into a clear, concise text form. The aim is to preserve the authenticity of the speech.

As its name suggests, that text is placed at the bottom of the video and must be perfectly synchronised with the words being spoken.

Why subtitle a video?

The main characteristic of subtitling is the change from spoken language to written language, keeping it as natural as possible, and using the same linguistic register. This technique allows the content of your video to become accessible to the largest possible number of people.

Subtitling provides a response to a growing need among the world’s population, with its recent massive adoption of mobile technology (smartphones, tablets, laptops). This means everyone can access video material at any time, without turning up the sound (public transport, waiting rooms, noisy environments etc.). For example, 85% of Facebook videos are viewed without the sound.

Subtitling will also allow your video to be used on multiple channels: website, social networks, exhibition halls, company reception area etc.

Coupled with a multilingual translation phase, your subtitled video will cross whichever borders you want to widen your target audience even further.

How much does it cost to subtitle a video?

Cheaper than voice dubbing, subtitling remains a complex exercise due to the many constraints that have to be met (number of characters per subtitle, reading time for the average reader, adaptation of subtitles etc.).

It uses a variety of techniques, namely: transcription, translation and insertion of the subtitles into your media.

The cost will vary according to the duration of the video, but also according to the source and target languages.

Contact our teams for an accurate estimate of the cost of subtitling a video.

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Project tracking & management

End-to-end support

Our project managers, industry experts in their field, work in advance on each linguistic need to identify the specifics of each project (context, target, objective etc.).

The project manager ensures the project is launched, monitors progress and pays particular attention to scheduling or the management of urgent situations as appropriate.

A veritable human Swiss army knife, they will be your point of contact throughout every stage of your project, able to provide answers to all your questions and offer you solutions to suit your particular situation.

Quality translations

Serving your international development

With more than 30 years’ experience, Your Word Store translators have nurtured their linguistic expertise.

A partner to international groups and SMEs operating in a variety of fields, the Your Word Store translation agency has positioned itself as a specialist in the translation of documents, capable of responding to all your multilingual communication needs, whatever your business sector.

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Range of services

According to your needs

As an expert in the translation of your content, Your Word Store also offers its customers a range of complementary services.

With our CAD/DTP teams, we can lay out all your content on the page, whether or not it is already translated, but we can also produce voice over and subtitles for your video communications.

Finally, on request, Your Word Store can send out its translators-interpreters to work on your site for meetings or for special assignments that cannot take place elsewhere.

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