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For more than 30 years we have been helping you with the translation of your certified documents. We provide our expertise and a network of translators (more than 300 language pairs available) to translate your documents to a high professional standard.

Your Word Store is ISO 17100 certified, providing international recognition of the quality and good management of our translations.

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What is a sworn translation?

A sworn translation is a translation completed by a translator who has taken an oath before a court of appeal.

A sworn (or official) translation is certified as being faithful to the original official document and therefore carries the same legal weight as the original before administrative bodies in France or elsewhere.

Having your translation sworn thus guarantees that your documents retain their full official and legal nature.

How does this differ from a “standard” translation?

A certified translation follows a specific process: once the document is translated, the sworn translator adds a stamp, their signature, the date, and a record number. The translation is then sent to you through the post.

This kind of translation requires in-depth knowledge of the law, along with the ability to follow very strict rules, particularly in respect of the page layout.

Sworn translation: for which documents?

A sworn translation is generally needed where official documents intended for administrative bodies or the courts are involved:

  • Register of births, marriages and deaths,
  • Birth certificate,
  • Diplomas,
  • Court judgements,
  • Police record,
  • Court orders,
  • Notarised deeds,
  • Kbis (company registration certificates),
  • Contracts,
  • Transport of goods,
  • Technical documents,
  • Patents

Who can add an apostille to a document?

An apostille only applies to public registers. This is a formality intended to certify the authenticity of the signature and the capacity of the author of the document in question and, if appropriate, the identity of the seal or stamp affixed to the document. It can result in a seal being applied.

To have an apostille added, a document must have been translated by a sworn translator, and its signing must have been authenticated at the town hall or before a notaire.

The request will then be sent to the Court of Appeal under whose jurisdiction the authority (town hall or notaire) falls.

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A partner to international groups and SMEs operating in a variety of fields, the Your Word Store translation agency has positioned itself as a specialist in the translation of documents, capable of responding to all your multilingual communication needs, whatever your business sector.

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The professional translators at Your Word Store are graduates of some of the best academic institutions. They are specialised by field and translate only into their native language. Their experience enables them to work on highly technical projects.

In addition to that, Your Word Store applies the constraints relating to International Standard ISO 17100: 2015. Each translation is subject to essential checks: proofreading by the translator systematically followed by cross-checking by a second translator.

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