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Voice over

Audiovisual dominates our daily activities, be they professional or personal.

Telephone answering machines, audio guides, smart speakers, podcasts, hotlines, GPS, but also institutional films, adverts, e-learning courses and more. The types of media and contexts are constantly expanding, and its use is becoming unavoidable.

That is why Your Word Store has its own recording studio, to meet your growing needs in this area.


How does a voice recording work?

Based on your stated needs (vocal timbre, language spoken, age of the voice, deadlines, budget etc.) we suggest a casting, from which you simply have to say what you would prefer.

Once the voice has been selected and then recorded, our team finalises the project by applying the necessary post-production processes (cleaning up tracks, matching nomenclature, matching format etc.).

What is the difference between voice off and voice over?

Voice off is a process where a voice is added to a video, without the speaker being seen in person on the screen. In the case of a documentary, for example, you can hear a narrator reacting via comments off camera.

Voice over consists in recording a voice over the original soundtrack, which may be heard in the background. Unlike dubbing, the aim is not to give the impression that the actor is expressing themselves in a different language by following the movement of the speaker’s lips on screen.

Can you record an English/Spanish voice etc.?

Our voice off recording service is available in French and multiple languages. We have our own network of actors, both men and women, in a range of languages. Please take a look at our voice catalogue.

Our team is standing by to help you decide which voice would be best suited to your project.

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Dedicated multilingual recording studio

The best audio technology

With our studio equipped with the latest sound recording and multimedia processing technologies, your multilingual corporate films and adverts will only increase in quality.

In addition to our native language translators and project managers supporting your voice off or voice over project from the planning stage through to its completion, we also provide a technical team and actors:

  • Male or female voice selected according to native language
  • A sound engineer
  • A sound and video editing technician
  • Equipment: microphones, editing suite etc.

A recognised process

Quality, responsiveness & tailor made

Our voice recording process breaks down into a number of steps:

  • Provision of a catalogue of voices to meet your specifications.
  • Translation and adaptation of the script by our team of native language professional translators.
  • Recording in our studio with our professional native language linguists and actors, followed by post-production.
  • Delivery of the files in the audio format of your choice, plus integration into media (optional).

Range of services

According to your needs

As an expert in the translation of your content, Your Word Store also offers its customers a range of complementary services.

With our CAD/DTP teams, we can lay out all your content on the page, whether or not it is already translated, but we can also produce voice over and subtitles for your video communications.

Finally, on request, Your Word Store can send out its translators-interpreters to work on your site for meetings or for special assignments that cannot take place elsewhere.


Languages to support audiovisual media

Specialist & tailored