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Our experts proofread and correct the entirety of your documents, in French or any other language, to ensure your texts are impeccable and error-free.

Your image is also built upon what you say, so you must take care: don’t let an ugly mistake mar your communication.

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We have been working for more than 30 years around the world with large groups and human-scale companies, but always with the same objective: to produce a perfect copy!

Writing is an integral part of our daily environment, and all companies produce content on a regular basis.

Whether they are producing just a few lines or several pages, it has to be exemplary. Too many people overlook their style of writing in the business context, and that often has a negative impact on their image and that of their company.

That is why we use native language professionals to provide expert proofreading and linguistic correction, to guarantee the linguistic quality of your materials across all languages.

Customers will see your mastery of language as a guarantee of success, inspiring confidence.

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Recognised language professionals

Your Word Store proofreaders and correctors are acknowledged and qualified linguists with perfect knowledge of the rules of grammar, with faultless spelling.

Seasoned campaigners, they will go through the texts given to them with a fine-tooth comb, spotting the mistakes you failed to see, or rewording a phrase to make it easier to read.

In addition to ensuring good spelling and grammar, proper word order, and correct use of typographic conventions, the proofreader/corrector will also focus on the general consistency of the content.

As with translation, the diversity of written texts means the corrector/editor must always have a very open mind and a good general cultural grounding.

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Responsiveness & adaptability

According to your needs

Our linguists can work on any type of file or document, and can respond within tight deadlines.

Our priority is to give you impeccable service. That is why we adapt to match your constraints, be it a very tight deadline or a technical subject.

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Our expert proofreaders are at your disposal to study your project and assist you in editing all your documents.

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