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Whatever the nature of your event, our interpreters provide their skills and experience in interpreting to establish a constructive dialogue between the different speakers.

Specialising in your business sector, our interpreters are rigorously selected according to the nature of the service and the subject in hand.


How does the assignment work?

In advance of the interpreting assignment, and to ensure that it runs as smoothly as possible, we ask the requesting party to provide interpreters with any documents or information that will help them prepare effectively for the event.

Interpreting may be either simultaneous or consecutive, depending on your requirements and technical constraints.

Can I use an interpreter for my video conference?

Absolutely. To help keep costs down, we suggest using a telephone interpreter for your important, short duration communications. That will avoid someone having to travel specially, with all the costs that entails.

Are there different interpreting solutions available?

Quite so. We can offer three different types of interpreting:

  • Simultaneous interpreting: The translation of an original speech in real time (live) into the target language from a booth.
  • Consecutive interpreting: A speaker’s words are listened to, then expressed out loud in the target language.
  • Whispered interpreting (or “chuchotage”): Based on simultaneous interpreting; the interpreter whispers the translation to one or two participants in real time.

Please feel free to contact our teams for more information. Interpreting is an art form; choose the best artists.

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Highly trained interpreters

For more than 30 years

We take particular care over our selection of specialist interpreters. Our interpreters undergo regular training and come from the best schools and universities.

The majority of people in our network are geographically located in the country of their native language, which guarantees accurate mastery of the language alongside detailed knowledge of the sociocultural codes specific to each corner of the globe.

Project tracking & management

End-to-end support

Our project managers, industry experts in their field, work in advance on each linguistic need to identify the specifics of each project (context, target, objective etc.).

The project manager ensures the project is launched, monitors progress and pays particular attention to scheduling or the management of urgent situations as appropriate.

A veritable human Swiss army knife, they will be your point of contact throughout every stage of your project, able to provide answers to all your questions and offer you solutions to suit your particular situation.

Flexibility & responsiveness

At your service

Our translation specialists can work on any type of document/file format, and can act within a very short time frame.

An urgent translation? A presentation to finalise for tomorrow? Our teams of translators can adapt to match your constraints, and our project managers are there to support you and meet your needs in the best possible way.

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