Rachel Canton

Published on 22 November 2023 • 2 mins. to read

When a company operates on an international scale, document translation becomes a key step in ensuring good communication and mutual understanding between the various stakeholders. Find out which documents are most often translated in a company, from legal to marketing to human resources.

Legal and contractual documents

These documents are one of the most common types of document requiring accurate and faithful translation. They cover a wide variety of texts, such as:

  • Contracts, including employment contracts, commercial contracts, leases and other agreements involving foreign parties
  • General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTCS), which set out the terms and conditions of the transaction between the company and its international customers
  • A company’s Articles of Association, which govern how it operates and may be essential if it moves to another country or goes international
  • The privacy policy, which must be comprehensible to all users of a website, regardless of their country of residence
  • Notarial deeds and property deeds, as well as other official documents such as adoption consents, judgements and expert reports

Financial documents

In today’s globalised business world, translating financial documents is essential if companies are to communicate effectively with each other and comply with local regulations. Financial reports, such as balance sheets, income statements and other financial statements, require special attention in terms of terminology and formats specific to each country.

In addition, tax and fiscal documents often need to be translated to meet the legal requirements of foreign administrations.

Manuals and training

To ensure that work processes are harmonised and that tools and methods are properly understood by all employees, it is crucial to have appropriate manuals and training in several languages. This includes:

  • User manuals and instructions for equipment and software
  • Safety guides and internal procedures
  • Training and e-learning materials for multilingual employees

Presentations and technical documents

In addition to corporate documents, the translation of presentations and technical documents is an integral part of the daily life of international companies. This may include:

  • Sales presentations aimed at convincing foreign customers, partners or investors
  • Research and development documents, such as patents, study reports or technical specifications
  • Product sheets and catalogues for international markets

Marketing and communication materials

To reach and appeal to a diverse audience, companies need to adapt their message and content in the language of their target audience. All promotional materials, whether printed or digital, are often translated:

  • Brochures and advertising leaflets
  • Blog articles, newsletters and press releases
  • Web content: showcase sites, e-commerce, online platforms, etc.

In a nutshell

Faced with the complexity and diversity of documents requiring translation in the business world, it is essential for companies to call on the services of professional, specialist translators to ensure that texts are accurate, understandable and adapted to each context. By mastering several languages and ensuring the quality of translations, the company can move forward on the international stage and strengthen its relations with partners, customers and employees around the world. With Your Word Store, you also benefit from a proofreading service that is automatically included in our translations.

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