Rachel Canton

Published on 28 September 2023 • 2 mins. to read

Translating SAP software documentation for reseller training is a crucial step in ensuring that training is understood and effective in different language contexts.

Here’s a guide on how to ensure a high-quality translation:

  1. Selection of the translation team: Call on a team of professional translators with expertise in IT, software and technology. Ideally, these translators should also have a basic knowledge of SAP for a better hold on the concepts.
  2. In-depth understanding of content: Provide translators with the original documentation and additional information on the context, target users and training objectives. A precise understanding of the content is essential for accurate translation.
  3. Consistent terminology: Develop a glossary or terminology database containing terms specific to SAP and your industry. This will ensure consistent terminology is used throughout the translation.
  4. Use of computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools: CAT tools, such as SDL Trados or MemoQ, help translators maintain terminology consistency, speed up the translation process and reduce errors.
  5. Editing and proofreading: Plan a thorough revision phase after the translation. Translators review their own work, which is then checked by another translator or a reviser to ensure quality.
  6. Validation by SAP experts: Have the translation validated by SAP experts, preferably people familiar with the specific modules covered in the documentation. This will help prevent any conceptual errors.
  7. Cultural adaptation: Take cultural nuances into account when translating. Some terms or concepts may need to be adjusted to suit the cultural sensitivities of retailers.
  8. Formatting and layout: Make sure that the layout of the translated documentation is consistent with the original. This includes elements such as screenshots, tables and diagrams.
  9. Comprehension tests: After translation, conduct comprehension tests with a small group of retailers in each target language. This can help identify areas of confusion or translation problems.
  10. Subsequent revisions: Be open to feedback from resellers after they have used the translated documentation. This may lead to subsequent revisions to improve clarity and relevance.
  11. Continuous updating: As SAP software evolves, make sure you regularly update translations to reflect new features and changes.
  12. Additional documentation: Provide additional support material such as explanatory videos or computer graphics to make it easier to understand, especially in complex areas.

By combining these steps with skilled professionals and appropriate tools, you can ensure high-quality translation of SAP software documentation for training your resellers.

YOUR WORD STORE has been specialising in the translation of software documentation since 1990, and is a certified partner for the translation of software interfaces and applications, including SAP.

YOUR WORD STORE has in-depth expertise in translating complex technical terminology and can guarantee accurate and consistent translation of SAP software documentation. Our experience in software and technology, combined with our ISO 17100:2015 certification, makes us a solid choice for meeting the specific requirements of this type of translation.

As a certified partner, YOUR WORD STORE understands the linguistic and technical subtleties associated with SAP, which is essential for maintaining consistent terminology and ensuring that resellers correctly grasp key concepts. Their expertise can help avoid conceptual errors that may arise when translating demanding terminology.

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