Eric Walter

Published on 16 August 2022 • 3 mins. to read

With the increasing globalization and rise of new technologies, new opportunities are opening up for your company. If you need new talents, you can broaden your search internationally.

That’s why we strongly recommend you to publish your job offers in several languages, especially in French. Of course, writing a job offer in French requires a set of skills, starting with the mastery of the language.

Then, you have the possibility of calling upon us to translate your job offers already written in French. This will maximize your chances of attracting talent.

How to write a job offer in French?

Essentially the same rules apply for a job offer in French as for a job offer in English. You just need to know that a job offer is called "offre d'emploi". For the rest, here is what you need to include in your offer to make it attractive.

Important details

First, mention the title of the position, and its location, the proposed salary (gross and net) and potential benefits. We recommend that you place this information at the beginning of the offer. Make certain it appears clearly.

Ideally, they should be written in bullet form. It is more reader-friendly.

Get the talent attention

Your French job offer should be attractive for the talent you want to bring on board. Including the salary and tangible benefits is a great strategy to get their attention.

However, this will not be enough. Young talent is also looking for a career path and a dynamic environment. You must therefore emphasize the good working conditions within your company: young team, career opportunities, permanent learning... Young talents like challenges.

Describe the job precisely

Providing insufficient details about the position is a common mistake. You can list the tasks that the applicant will have to perform.

Of course, do not give too many details. You need to find the right balance. On the other hand, everything should be written in plain, comprehensible French. The offer must be concise, precise and pleasant to read. It should reflect the spirit of your company.

Use the right tone

The tone of your job offer is also important. As mentioned, it must be pleasant to read. To that end, use a friendly and caring tone.

Let the applicant know that they are joining a new company, but more importantly, becoming part of a family.

Why choose our translation agency for your job offer?

Even if you can write a job offer in French yourself, there are several reasons why it would be interesting to use our agency to carry out this task.

Leverage our expertise

Having recourse to our agency, you will benefit from the expertise of our translators. With many years of experience, they are bilingual. Their proficiency will help them provide you with job offers written in excellent French.

A fast and high quality service

Our teams comprise several translators. So we can provide you with a fast service that takes into account your deadlines. The quality will, however, not be affected by this rapidity. Quite the opposite. You will benefit from a fast service with an impeccable quality.

With you at every step of the way

Besides translating your job offers from English into French, our agency also offers you personalized support. In this regard, we take your goals into account. We also provide you with practical tips so that you can optimize your results.

How to share your job offers around the globe?

When you choose to have us translate your job offers into French, your goal is clear: sharing those offers on an international scale. To do so, follow the tips below.

Join in trade shows

This is a classic, but an efficient one. Participate in international job fairs. There, you can share the job offers we have translated into French. These places are a goldmine of talent.

Focus on social networks

Social networks are a must to spread your job offer across borders. They will give you an opportunity to reach thousands of people.

In this context, we recommend you privilege professional social networks. For example, LinkedIn. Young talents are very active there.

Turn to specialized sites

This is another equally interesting possibility. Specialized platforms such as Adecco will be of great help to share your job offers on a large scale, even globally.

Leverage business networks

Professional organizations or unions, chambers of commerce… These partners will also help you share your job offers on a large scale.

Whenever you need to translate an offer, please contact us. We will provide you with high quality services at well-studied rates.

Are you looking for a translation agency?

Our teams of certified translators and project managers are standing by to study your project and support you in your international development.

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