Frédéric Garcia

Frédéric Garcia

Published on 4 September 2023 • 1 mins. to read

Translation, particularly in the aeronautical industry, requires the skills of specialists. This ensures that the service is very precise and performed in a fully confidential way.

The documents on which these experienced linguists work can take different forms, whether in the aeronautical, space, automotive, energy, IT or construction industries:

  • Technical documents: technical manuals, user manuals, maintenance manuals,
  • Sales documents: product catalogs, sales brochures, product rationales, sales presentations in PowerPoint format,
  • Certification documents: patents,
  • Multimedia content: website content, newsletters, multimedia tutorials, voice-over recording for corporate films,
  • HR documents: training materials, organization charts, job descriptions,
  • Packaging,
  • Press releases.

Customized services

To meet the translation needs associated with meetings or specific missions that cannot be outsourced and with a view to ensure confidentiality, specialist translators may also work within the company that calls upon their services.

Feedback on a successful collaboration!

« Airbus Helicopters has been working with NOVAE, and more specifically on projects involving the technical translation of our documentation into Russian and on various ad hoc projects in English and French. We are extremely satisfied with this collaboration, which has quickly become a true partnership between our two companies.

Indeed, there are several reasons why we have absolute confidence in NOVAE’s language services: outstanding quality of the deliverables, timeliness, responsiveness in handling our requests, provision of a dedicated contact for each project, and thorough knowledge of CAT and DTP tools. NOVAE also did very professional work on a terminology management project for our new helicopter range. Finally, the expertise of their Russian translators, in particular, sometimes allowed us to correct a few errors in our English document collection.

As a conclusion, I highly recommend NOVAE, which has always been able to provide real added value to our linguistic needs and showed full ability to handle often large and complex technical documents. Thank you to their entire team! ».

Translation Manager - Airbus Helicopters Technical Publications Department

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