1. Automating data publishing: saves time and increases productivity

Automating data publishing: saves time and increases productivity

Rachel Canton

Published on 26 April 2023 • 1 mins. to read

Do you need up-to-date content?

YWS provides a graphic service to create your media and automate the updating of your data.

Catalogue, brochure, business card, directory or sales brochure, the document is linked to your database.

Mirroring your data

When you add, delete or modify product information on your database (description, price, etc.) the document is automatically updated.

Benefits to you:

  • reliable data
  • simplified proofreading
  • deadlines met
  • budget optimised

Boosting your content

YWS advises you on the layout and presentation of your products to maximise their impact on your potential customers.

We always the tone of your existing publications keep in mind and respect your graphic charter.

From formatting to translation

If you want to translate your documents into English, Chinese, Arabic or Italian, take advantage of our expertise in multilingual design.

Our graphic designers work closely with our team of language experts and native translators.

We integrate the translations directly into your files and adapt your layouts to create language versions suitable for the target language: graphic consistency, respect for style, layout, typographical codes and overall clarity.

Let’s discuss your project…

Focus on your core business and leave the layout and translation of your content to a team of professionals.

Send us your data in complete confidentiality, we will study your request!

Are you looking for a translation agency?

Our teams of certified translators and project managers are standing by to study your project and support you in your international development.

Let's go!

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