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How much does a professional translation cost?

Frédéric Garcia

Frédéric Garcia

Published on 4 March 2021 • 2 mins. to read

The prices charged for a professional translation like the ones we produce within our translation agency are affected by different factors:

Source and target language

The prime factor is actually the source language (the language in which your document is written), along with the choice of the target language for the translation. Translating from French to English is generally more straightforward (and thus less expensive) than translating from Greek into Korean (which is a less common language pairing) because of the number of translators available. In addition, at Your Word Store, and in order to guarantee the highest quality translation, our translators work exclusively into their native language, which explains the variations in tariffs and time frames. We can offer you more than 300 different language combinations.

Technicality of the subject

The subject of your translation can also have an influence on the price. Some fields require specific skills or knowledge;(sworn translation, financial translation, for example) which requires: either working with more than one person (subject specialists, translators) or having a specialist translator available. At Your Word Store, our wide-ranging network of partners means we can provide translation of your most complex documents at competitive prices.

Translation quantity & deadlines

Translation one day for delivery the next will be more expensive than translation over several days; the urgency requires us to find a translator who is available (because translators do not work on two translations simultaneously).

In addition, the larger the number of words, the more attractive the cost per word will be.

Lastly, if you want to place multiple translation jobs with us on a regular basis, remember to tell our teams, allowing us to study your needs more closely and offer you a tailored price scale.

Translation solution

So that we can adapt to our customers’ needs we now offer two different translation offers:

Premium translation

The most common translation solution at Your Word Store, where two translators and a project manager work together:

  • Professional translation by a qualified specialist translator whose native language is the target language,
  • Review and quality control by a native language translator and reviewer in accordance with the current ISO 17100:2015 international standard,
  • Project coordination, tracking and management,
  • Page layout of your document

Computer assisted translation

Are you looking for an economical translation solution? This solution comprises support from a project manager and editing by a professional translator of a translation produced by our automated translation tools.


As you can see, all these factors will have a bearing on the price per word, and that will determine the overall cost of your translation. Please get in touch with our teams, setting out your requirements, and we shall send you a free, tailored quote.

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