Professional translation
Our professional translators are specialists, assigned projects in line with their areas of expertise, and translate exclusively into their native language.

With more than 50 full-time in-house translators and project managers, our aim is to meet your language requirements by providing multilingual project support with high added value in terms of content, form and final product.

Our specialist translators are experienced in using the main translation tools and are experts in identifying the key terms during the translation process, selecting the most appropriate terminology in collaboration with you, assimilating this terminology and, if required, reproducing it in the form of multilingual knowledge bases.

In the interests of quality and in line with best practise, each translation is subject to essential checks: proofreading by the translator, then a further proofreading by a colleague as part of a standard peer review process.

Sworn translation

Sworn translation guarantees the official, legal status of your documents.


Localisation relates to software and computer products, including the translation of screens, on-line help guides, error messages and output reports. Our team carries out translations in the target version and uses integrity tests to ensure the localised version of the system works properly.

Glossary compilation

Our terminologists provide advice and support for building specialised glossaries for your sector.

Document rewriting

Our writers are native speakers and provide help developing your texts, making them more attractive and eye-catching to your customers.

Audio/video transcription

The transcription and reproduction of speech from audio or video recordings. The perfect solution for producing a formal word-for-word report of meetings, works council discussions, speeches, knowledge-gathering sessions, etc.


A flexible, responsive approach and customised project management

54 in-house translators/interpreters, experts in some of the most complex sectors

Highly qualified staff (masters and postgraduate degrees from the best universities)

Quality promise: commitment to following client procedures and meeting Standard ISO 17100:2015

Synergy of our solutions (technical writing, translation, correction, final layout, etc.)

Expertise in dealing with files containing HTML, SGML and XML tags

Confidentiality commitment

Adherence to deadlines

Management of different platforms and formats