09 Sep Subtitling: an effective multimedia communication tool

As its name suggests, subtitling is text placed at the bottom of a video, perfectly synchronised with the spoken content. This process involves adapting the spoken words of the source language and conveying a message in a clear and concise manner.

Why choose subtitling?

The key purpose of subtitling is to transmit spoken language into written language as naturally as possible whilst preserving the register. This technique not only enables your video media to cross borders and be understood by your partners and customers abroad, but it can also expand the visibility of your company and business activities worldwide, all with a single video available in several languages.

Subtitling a video is both effective and inexpensive in comparison to other audiovisual translation techniques such as dubbing or voice-over. Subtitling takes less time than the techniques above but remains a complex task due to the numerous constraints that must be adhered to (number of characters per subtitle, reading time for an average reader, adaptation of subtitles, etc.). Subtitling involves various technical processes such as transcription, spotting, translation, and if necessary, burning of subtitles onto your video.

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