28 Apr Our recent interpreting assignment was a roaring success!

Feedback on the recent interpreting assignment which ended on Friday 17 April for one of our industrial clients specialising in the manufacture and maintenance of aeronautical turbines.

You’ll remember that we sent 4 professional interpreters, each specialising in aeronautics, to our client’s site to assist and interpret at a training course that 12 Turkish trainees were following.

The training went smoothly and the trainees very much appreciated our involvement and technical expertise, as shown by the email below, reproduced sic, sent to LCI branch manager, Vincent Devisme, following the assignment:



“Dear Mr. Devisme,

We had a training between 30th March and 17th April with assistance of your interpreters.

They were nice and helpful to our trainees with their enough technical knowledge and clear interpreting/translation.
We are really grateful and appreciate their assistance during the training.
Thank you very much for your company having nice and helpful interpreters.

We are really pleased with LCI interpreters.

Yours Sincerely”

Serkan Kaptan

Jet Motor Revizyon Mudurlugu



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