09 Feb Audio/video transcription: an increasingly popular solution

The transcription and reproduction of speech from audio or video recordings. The perfect solution for formalising the content of your meeting, conferences, discussions, speeches, knowledge-gathering sessions, legal judgements or hearings, police interrogations, etc.

Our clients are increasingly using this type of service which saves time compared to taking notes, which are often slapdash and illegible.

What is the process for transcribing your recording?

Send YourWordStore an audio file (in .wav/.mp3/.mp4/.wma/.avi/etc. format) along with your instructions. The transcription will be done by someone whose native language is the same as the language of the recording, using specialised tools.

As a guide, one minute of recording takes around ten minutes to transcribe.

Did you know that there are several types of transcription?

You can request a “in extenso verbatim” transcription, i.e. a word-for-word transcription without modifying or reformulating the content. This is perfect for the content of a legal statement, hearing or judgement.

“Intelligent verbatim” transcription creates a final written document without repetitions or filler words. This is perfect for the content of a press conference.

If you wish to edit the content of your recording to make the file clearer and more powerful, this is called an “edited” transcription. This is perfect for the content of a work council meeting or a seminar.


Do you have a transcription project for us? Go to this page and fill in our on-line quote form. Our project managers will deal with your request and get back to you quickly.

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