A recognised quality process: client satisfaction and sustainability of  partnerships

To help you flourish in a world where communication is becoming increasingly global, YOUR WORD STORE has implemented a well defined quality process to facilitate your international projects.

The language division consists of a specialist multi-disciplinary team, organised by language and area of expertise. All the translators work in a collaborative spirit that fosters an exchange of ideas and information.

In line with best practice and in accordance with quality standard ISO 17100:2015, all translation projects conform to a strict production process: translation, proofreading and revision.

Fifty specialist translators and interpreters for large-scale projects

YOUR WORD STORE translators and interpreters:

  • have masters or postgraduate qualifications in Professional Translation (from some of the best universities in Europe)
  • translate exclusively into their native language
  • proofread, in addition to their own work, the work of their colleagues as part of a peer review process
  • only work in fields in which they are proficient in using the terminology and know the specific requirements of the sector (their areas of expertise)

They must pass demanding translation tests and a one-on-one interview before being recruited and are then supported and supervised by the Project Managers.

Our team is a considerable size and this allows us to manage large-scale multilingual projects with short turnaround times.

Project managers who are there to ensure quality and compliance with deadlines

They ensure each language requirement is considered in advance by determining:

  • The context in which the documents for translation will be used
  • The target audience
  • The objective to be achieved
  • The budgetary constraints and associated deadlines

Project Managers launch the project, supervise progress and closely monitor scheduling constraints and any urgent requirements. They ensure the teams involved in the process coordinate properly and follow the relevant methodology.

They are your main point of contact and perform the following work:

  • Managing the schedule
  • Dealing with technical questions
  • Preparing the deliverables and the corresponding delivery note
  • Monitoring receipt of deliveries
  • Processing client feedback, if applicable

They choose the team for the project using the following criteria:

  • Technical expertise of the translators with reference to the document for translation
  • Availability of staff with reference to the client requirements
  • Native language with reference to the required target language

On behalf of the team working on the project, they prepare the project translation specifications including any glossaries, the style requirements and the software (and version) to be used.

Quality process

What methodology is used when deploying translation projects?
Following the completion of the project, our teams ask for your feedback so that they can consider any changes you have made.

The translators are trained in using CAT tools which helps ensure consistency of terminology and style for translation projects, in particular when several translators are working on the same project.

Artificial intelligence in the service of translation

Our world is changing, giving rise to scientific advances.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will become unavoidable. It has already started to change our daily life, namely across virtual assistants, as well as algorithms used by our favourite search engines.

Applied to translation, AI aims to enhance the human experience by using cutting-edge technology and thus make our systems smarter.

When paired with automatic translation, AI optimises performances, backed up by specialists.

Your Word Store is embracing this new digital revolution across the implementation of an R&D policy aimed to incorporate our new skills and apply them to language.

To avoid any misconceptions, AI will never replace the proven processes and human expertise but will be a complementary tool.

This site will soon be presenting new information about artificial intelligence and translation and their application to the industry.