YOUR WORD STORE answers your questions

  1. What are the different stages of a translation project?
  2. How does the recording studio work?
  3. How are the rates calculated?

1- The 3 stages of a translation project

Stage 1: pre-translation

YOUR WORD STORE prepares a technical and commercial quote that best suits your requirements.
A meeting can be arranged at your offices to discuss such requirements.

The clear and detailed quotes for our multilingual services enable you to choose your options depending on what you require as a deliverable: translation languages, voice-overs, graphics design, formatting, DTP, etc.

Stage 2: translation

YOUR WORD STORE’s professional translations are carried out by highly qualified and native-speaking translators.
Depending on how technical the texts are, we may ask for your input concerning certain terminology.

• Quality control No. 1: Translator proofreads his or her own work
• Quality control No. 2: Proofreading by a second native-speaking translator. Validation through exchanges between the translators and the client
• Quality control No. 3: Final control before the translation is delivered.

The translation is delivered by email, FTP or by post on a CD.

Stage 3: post-translation

1. Feedback for any correction actions
2. Formatting or creation of materials by the YOUR WORD STORE graphics studio available on request
3. Internal project review and filing of information, end of project