website translation

Your website translated by experts


Translating your website has become an absolute necessity in:

  • ensuring worldwide visibility
  • standing out from your direct competitors
  • creating new opportunities for your business (suppliers, distributers, etc.)
  • winning new clients

Translating your website is essential, regardless of which sector your company operates in, whether it’s aeronautics, civil engineering, energy, health, law, finance or food and agriculture.

A word of advice from YOUR WORD STORE on translating your website

Never entrust a translation to amateurs who claim they speak the target language fluently! You are better off simply avoiding them, or else you may get an imprecise translation that’s barely understandable. At one point or another, you’ll have come across a website whose language content is incomprehensible, full of errors or even… laughable!

It is vital, therefore, to entrust your website translation to professional translators who are specialists in your sector.


Get in touch with translation professionals that are proficient in using the terminology of your sector or industry. They must also be familiar with particular features of search engines to optimise your ranking in several languages (choice of key words, URL optimisation, etc.).


YOUR WORD STORE helps you throughout the process of translating your website. In accordance with international standard ISO 17100:2015 and ISO9001 certification, YOUR WORD STORE guarantees that its in-house translators work according to their areas of expertise, translating into their mother tongue only. As a result, you site will benefit from rich and accurate vocabulary and an appropriate use of expressions and phrases.

Because the purpose of translating web content into foreign languages is to reassure visitors to your website, the YOUR WORD STORE teams not only translate the words of your message but take into consideration cultural aspects too.


The importance of cultural adaptation

The UK, the USA, Australia… English isn’t spoken the same way in all these countries. Just as Spanish isn’t the same in Mexico City as it is in Madrid. A different culture means distinct vocabulary.

Technical as well as stylistic skills must shine through and make the message clear, professional and effective: YOUR WORD STORE helps you through this process so that your website meets your customers’ requirements as closely as possible.

Additional services

Do you need an interpreter for a meeting with a foreign journalist?
Would you like to translate the voice-over on your e-learning material?
Do you want to add foreign-language subtitles to your tutorial video?

YOUR WORD STORE offers a comprehensive range of services: voice-over, subtitling and interpreting.


“Our company, AKTIS PARTNERS, called upon LCI and its brand YOUR WORD STORE to translate the content of our website into English. This was a very important project for us as we wanted to promote our real estate know-how and skills on an international scale.

The exchanges were smooth and our contact persons were always attentive to our requirements, making themselves available even for unforeseen requests and at very short notice. The deliveries were made on time and in the same model as the source documents that we had sent, making the Community Manager’s task a lot easier.

Availability, attentiveness and a good understanding of the requirements are highly sought-after qualities that the language team at LCI has in abundance.

We recommend LCI and will gladly call upon them again to translate more content.”

Audrey Puech, HR manager, Aktis Partners