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YOUR WORD STORE’s strengths in legal translation

YOUR WORD STORE is an expert in legal translation and its specialist translators translate your legal documents in complete confidentiality. They translate only into their native language to guarantee impeccable quality.

YOUR WORD STORE takes particular care when it comes to translating legal documents:

  • Specialist translators who are experts in law (including commercial, civil and criminal law) and who have been authorised by the Court of Appeal, to provide you with sworn and certified translations upon request
  • Quality translations in the strictest confidence
  • Legal translations delivered on time
  • A turnkey solution, including document layout

Translations for various sectors and types of clients

YOUR WORD STORE works with various legal professionals: law firms, notaries, banks, industries, service providers, insurance companies and accountancy firms.

Applications and materials

YOUR WORD STORE is there not only to help you convey your legal documents in another language, but also to assist you in understanding documents received in a foreign language.

  • Contracts
  • Specifications, stock agreements
  • Corporate documents: extracts from trade and companies registers, articles of association, deeds and certificates, writs and summons, quarterly or annual reports, audit reports
  • Financial documents: financial analyses, statutory and consolidated accounts    annual accounts, financial statements, mergers and acquisitions, initial public offering documents
  • Website legal documents: general conditions of sale, general conditions of purchase, legal notices
  • Statements
  • Accounting standards
  • Made-to-measure solutions: YOUR WORD STORE translators can visit the client site to facilitate meetings or to carry out specialised services which can only be provided on your site.

Translation in all its forms

Do you want to set up an answering machine message in another language?

Do you want to reach a global audience with your TV ad?

Are you meeting with a foreign supplier to negotiate a contract?

Do you need your website to be translated into one or more languages?
Well, you’ve come to the right place! YOUR WORD STORE provides voice-over, subtitling and interpreting services too!


“We have relied on LCI and its brand YOUR WORD STORE for 3 years now. LCI works in the fields of legal and financial translations and we highly recommend them for the following reasons:

 their relevant customised advice and support,

their responsiveness and adherence to deadlines,

-their meticulous project management,

– and a quality/price ratio that fully meets our expectations.

Furthermore, thanks to the originality of their positioning, LCI offers a wide range of comprehensive solutions such as formatting of professional documents and graphic design. Insurance contracts, for example, are translated directly from the source/native files. This differentiation enabled us to respond favourably to our customers’ challenging requests and to strengthen our competitiveness by saving a considerable amount of time and money”. 


Alessandro Rizzo

CEO – Authorized executive of a brokerage firm


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