YOUR WORD STORE translation rates


Two translators and quality control

  • Professional translation carried out by a qualified specialist translator whose native language is the target language
  • Proofreading and quality control performed by a native-speaking translator/proofreader in accordance with the relevant international standard ISO17100:2015
  • Coordination, monitoring and management of the project
  • Document formatting
  • Mise en page de votre document


Automatic Translation and post-editing

  • Light correction of an automatic translation (generated by computer) by a professional translator whose native language is the target language. The translator will remove major errors only
  • Project management

Premium solution

YOUR WORD STORE recommends that you choose a Premium translation for official documents and technical documents that are designed to promote your company or products and which, as such, will be published.

Professional translators:

  • translate exclusively into their native language
  • adopt the specific vocabulary used in your sector of activity
  • culturally adapt the message: use of phrases or expressions such that the message in the target language is understood in the exact same way as in the source language

A team of graphic designers ensure that the target language document has an identical format to the source language document so that it is ready for immediate use.
A genuine turnkey solution!

Economy solution

YOUR WORD STORE recommends this solution if you require a general understanding of a document.
If your document is intended for a public audience, YOUR WORD STORE strongly recommends that you choose the Premium option.