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Quality voice-overs for your multilingual multimedia material

Whether to accompany e-learning material or a corporate film, create a multilingual message for a hotline or record a news report in various languages… YOUR WORD STORE has a customised solution with voice-overs and other multimedia audio recordings.

A studio dedicated to multilingual recording

Using our studio with the latest sound recording and multimedia processing technologies, your multilingual corporate films and advertisements are of real quality.

  • Equipment: microphones, editing consoles, etc.
  • A team of professionals dedicated to your multimedia project

As well as the native-speaker translators and project managers that support you through your project, from conception to completion,

YOUR WORD STORE has a team of technicians as well as actors:

  • male and female voices selected by native language. For your more ambitious projects, voice-over actors can add their voices to your multimedia materials
  • a sound engineer
  • a sound and video editor
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The best choice for your audio and video materials: voice-over and voice-over translation

Voice-over is the process of adding a voice onto a video without actually seeing the person talking physically on screen. In documentaries for example, you can hear the voice of a narrator but not actually see the narrator physically on screen.

Voice-over translation is the process of recording a voice spoken in the target language and layering it over the original audio track, which can still be heard in the background. Unlike in dubbing, the aim isn’t to give the impression that the actor is speaking in another language through an attempt to synchronise the translated voice with the movement of the character’s lips.

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The process for recording voices at YWS

Provision of a wide range of voices that meet your requirements.

Translation and adaptation of the script by our team of professional native-speaker translators.

Recording at our studio with the help of our professional, native-speaker actors and linguists. Post-production phase.

Delivery of the files in the audio format of your choosing, with optional integration onto your materials.

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