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Graphic design and DTP applied to your multilingual communication material

YOUR WORD STORE’s graphics studio supports you at the end of the translation process so that your multilingual documents reflect the quality of your services.
Do you have documents (brochure, catalogue, etc.) in one language and want to print them in another?
Through its graphic design and DTP studio, YOUR WORD STORE can adapt your documents for you.

The advantages of YOUR WORD STORE’s graphics studio

  • No waiting time between translation and formatting
  • No information lost due to there being multiple members of staff: graphic designers and DTP experts work closely with the project managers and translators
  • Consistent content and form: multilingual materials which are effective in terms of the translation and compliance with graphics charter, with consideration of cultural and linguistic aspects.
  • Controlled costs: a joint quote for the translation and formatting

Creation tools used by the YOUR WORD STORE graphics studio

InDesign, Illustrator, QuarkXpress, Word, PowerPoint, Corel, Publisher, PDF, PageMaker, FrameMaker, etc.

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The process for creating your documents: from translation to printing

  • Receipt of your request and any existing materials
  • Translation of documents and validation of content by you
  • The translated document is handed to the team of graphic designers
  • The YOUR WORD STORE teams advise you on the most suitable printing processes for your project: offset, digital, etc.

You may be interested in the following services:

Do you want to translate the dialogue of your video game? Then go for a voice-over. For smaller budgets, you can opt for a subtitled translation.


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“I regularly work with LCI for computer graphics. I have just given them our internal newsletter for layout. I value the teams’ commitment and responsiveness. They are able to provide advice and expertise while working within the requirements of our graphics charter. As well as being professional, they are also very nice to work with.”

Isabelle Hamel – Alycon