07 Apr Your testimonials

We are delighted to share some positive feedback sent to us on 13 March by one of our clients, a specialist in localising medical equipment, for the translations of various documents (product descriptions, manufacturing methods and product information sheets) from English into French provided by our teams.


I confirm safe receipt of the files.

After reading through them, I have no questions and am pleased with the quality of the translations. Congratulations in particular for successfully replicating the pun “GAC is Wired” in French!

Well done for this excellent work and let’s hope there will be lots more projects like this one.

Enjoy your weekend. “

Ioannis Karagiannis – Cogen

Congratulations to the team of French translators who worked on the project and more specifically to Marie-Noëlle and Damien!

It’s good to receive positive feedback and comments on two counts: they are a real source of encouragement and their impact is a constant source of inspiration for our teams.

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